happy holidays!

Enjoy your xmas everyone, if you are celebrating it. I hope you all get a little break and that xmas treats you well. I will be back next week!



This is a quick snap of a pin-up board I made from some of my photos. Have a good weekend!



AC4CA: one place after another

A few weeks ago I volunteered to help install an exhibition at PICA. The exhibition is called One Place After Another and its by the Australian Centre For Concrete Art (AC4CA). I'd never done anything like it before, it was really interesting. The volunteers were assigned to artists, some were from Perth and others from overseas, and each had designed a wall of the upstairs galleries. My jobs were mostly to measure things, hold string, put up a lot of tape, then paint over tape to create a really sharp line ('bridging') and later, to remove a lot of tape. The final day was a manic rush of cleaning to get ready for opening night. 

I worked on the pieces by Helen Smith (the flouro yellow 'vortex'), Jurek Wybraniec (OK OK OK), Guillaume Boulley (the white on white wall, and framed windows)* and did a small part of the purple wall-papering. Let's just say I never want to wallpaper again. You can't really see it in the photos, but it went the entire length of the upper gallery and included wonky doorways which had to be wallpapered around. I do not have the patience to wallpaper tiny squares in an exact pattern on a giant wall! This I have learned about myself.

All photos from my phone, so sorry about the blurriness. The exhibition runs until December 21 and it's free, so if you are in Northbridge pop in and see it!

*Apologies to the artists, I can't locate the names of the pieces online. These are just descriptions.


FORM - public project 2015

FORM has recently announced it will run its Public program again in 2015. These pictures are from the 2014 event. It's a great way to see art in progress and the end result is beautiful walls for us to enjoy! The 2015 event will be held from 10-19 April so keep your eye out for a program closer to the time to find out the locations.


xmas paper

I made my own wrapping paper for xmas this year. I think it came out a bit more bonkers than I expected but it was heaps of fun doing it. I made a huge mess and got paint everywhere. It was just regular acrylic paint, diluted with water and splashed on with sponges and brushes. If was to try it again I might try a bit of restraint and maybe choose a colour scheme instead of going totally nuts with all of the colours. I say that now... but actually... it's unlikely!


xmas jars

If you're looking for a quick and pretty easy way to wrap some xmas presents, these jars might be an idea. I made them for my family for xmas a few years ago, and they were fun to make and everyone seemed to enjoy them. I bought some cheap jars with lids at the reject shop, and lined them with brown paper which I had drawn on with a liquid paper pen. Then I filled them with little things to suit the person they were for. Finally, I tied some little tags from typo on with matching string. Easy!


nature close ups

Part of an on-going study of found things, using the macro lens. If you like these photos, I have a 2015 calendar for sale with these types of pictures (click here). Enjoy your weekend!